About Atlanta International School

Front entrance of Atlanta International School

Atlanta International School was founded in 1984 and opened its doors to students in 1985. The school was the vision of local families and leaders who wanted a different sort of private school in Atlanta.

One where language learning would be centered - both as a skill and a key to cultural understanding. And one where difference and diversity would be embraced.

These guiding principles are as relevant today as they were then, in our intentionally inclusive community. Collaborating across cultures and languages is just our way of life at AIS.

Atlanta International School's 13.5-acre campus is situated in the Garden Hills neighborhood, in the heart of Atlanta's Buckhead district. The main Secondary School building was designed by classical architect Philip Schutze and is a historic landmark.

Originally the site of North Fulton High School, the building was formally re-dedicated as Atlanta International School on April 27, 1996. Since then there have been major renovations and additions to the campus, including a dedicated Arts, Science and Design building, a new Primary School Center and a new Early Learning Center.